Over 7000 frozen, chilled and grocery products

Find out more about our products specifically for catering professionals, including wholesalers and local distributors of food products, restaurants, hotels, delicatessens, airlines and caterers.


Chilled products


Be inspired by our gourmet products, including foie gras, salmon, fish terrines and mixed salads.


Discover our extensive charcuterie range with everything from classic terrines and high-quality ham to regional specialities.

Crustaceans and Molluscs

All that the ocean has to offer including prawns, crab meat and oysters.


Our premium butcher's aisle offers rigorously-selected fresh meats, including heart of rump steak, cushion of veal, leg of lamb and roast pork.


Discover our poultry range which includes duck breast, confit duck legs, gizzards, roast turkey, terrines and even chicken mince.

Prepared Dishes

Delicious ready-to-eat dishes such as blanquette de veau, quenelle dumplings or soya steaks with tomato and basil. 

Side Dishes

Whether gratin dauphinois, sauerkraut or confit tomatoes, find accompaniments to all of your dishes. 

Breads, Pastry and Pastries

Create new recipes with our brick pastry sheets. You will find even more choice in our frozen product range.

Dairy Products

We have a wide range of dairy products to suit all requirements including fresh cream, butter portions, PDO French cheeses, quark, yogurts and milk-based desserts.


Add some goodness into your menus with our finely-chopped red fruits, pineapple juice, grapefruit segments and fruit salads.

Frozen products


Get your meal off to a great start with our crispy puff pastries, omelettes, croque-monsieur, quiche Lorraine and snails.


Savour our tempting andouillette, bacon, smoked sausage, pork crépinette, West Indian black pudding and more !


We have a wide variety of seafood, including plain or prepared, whole or filleted fish. Browse our mouth-watering seafood range.


Discover our delectable range of frozen meats and game, from veal chops to sirloin steaks and venison steaks.


View all of our poultry products including guinea fowl, supreme of chicken, duckling leg, foie gras and even sautéed rabbit.

Prepared Dishes

Our wide range of appetising dishes includes French and world recipes such as boeuf bourguignon, chicken tagine, stuffed aubergine and even five-cheese cappelletti.

Side Dishes

We can provide the perfect accompaniment to any dish including mushrooms, stir-fries, vegetable bundles, mashed potato and plantains.

Dairy Products

We offer a wide range of dairy products for ingredients such as unsalted butter, IQF sliced goat's cheese and raclette cheese and diced mozzarella, as well as egg products

Breads, Pastry and Pastries

Discover our many bakery products including sheets of batch bread, breads, pastries and savoury pastry cases.


Be inspired by our sweet treats, ideal to finish a meal or a delicious bite to eat between meals, including pastries for one or to share, ice creams, fruits and snack products.

Grocery products


Everything you need to prepare the most important meal of the day including coffee, fruit juice, mini jams, cereals, biscuits and batch bread.


Choose from our wide range of tinned foods to fire your creativity, including tabbouleh, foie gras, snails, lobster bisque and even gazpacho.

Seasonings and Spices

Enhance the flavour of your dishes with our range of nut oil, balsamic vinegar, salad dressings, curry powder, pepper, mustard and more.

Sauces and Sauce Bases

Our prepared sauces are the perfect seasoning for your cooking. Our range includes fish stock, thickened veal jus, white poultry sauce base and even wine sauce. 

Prepared Dishes

Discover our enticing recipes and ready-to-eat dishes including cannelloni, confit duck and sauerkraut.

Vegetables and Starches

We offer a wide range of accompaniments including farfalle, dried porcini mushrooms, pasta, rice and even vegetable macédoine.

Fruits and Fruity Desserts

Add goodness with our pear compote, apricot haves and fruit purées.

Bread making and Ready-to-Fill

Be creative with our pizza mix, brick pastry sheets, ready-to-fill eclairs, baba savarin, choux pastry and tartlet pastry cases. 


Discover our sweet treats including crêpe dentelle, sponge fingers, sponges and chocolate mousse mixes.

Cooking Aids and Condiments

Are you looking for a little extra something for your recipes? Our range includes gherkins, chocolate, toppings, vanilla pods and more.

Dried and Confit Fruits

We have numerous sweet and savoury products including almonds, pecan nuts, raisins, confit lemons, pumpkin seeds and much more. 


Keep your guests refreshed with our wide range of syrups, fruit juices, nectars and sodas.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Aluminium foil, napkins, disposable dishes, detergents and everything you need to keep your kitchen in top condition!
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